3X life extension in your battery backup systems

Regenerate your lead batteries to 95% of their original capacity and make them last up to 15 years

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We are on a mission to regenerate 1 million batteries

Regenerating Lead-Acid Batteries To Make Them Last Three Times Longer

Sustainable Battery Regeneration

Battery recycling is an emission-intensive chemical process that causes environmental damage and harms people engaging with it. While recycling comes at the end of the battery’s life span, we mitigate their early death and regenerate them 2-3 times for up to 95% of their original capacity.

Maximizing Lead Battery Efficiency

Our technology maximizes lead-acid battery capacity, minimizes lead wastage, and promotes environmental preservation. These batteries are crucial in various industries such as solar and wind farms, telecom towers, cars, and ATM systems. Since we are far from saying goodbye to Lead batteries, why not make the most of them, one battery at a time?

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We have regenerated 11,000+ batteries
in India and Africa

Reviving Batteries without Damaging Them

Our battery regeneration process uses algorithmically controlled electrical impulses to break through sulfur crystals, reviving batteries without damaging them.

This process rejuvenates batteries without damaging them, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and avoiding the need for energy-intensive recycling.

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Our process is a more sustainable and efficient solution for battery remanufacturing, emitting significantly lower CO2 emissions compared to traditional methods. We keep the battery intact and revive it chemically at a low emission rate of just 2.1 kWh per battery.

Use Revive for a greener, more cost-effective
battery regeneration solution

How do we work?

We provide on-site Annual Maintenance Contracts services.

We offer comprehensive maintenance and support solutions for your batteries,
including our state-of-the-art battery regeneration process that extends battery life.


We do an on-site health check of your battery system and provide a full report on the condition of the individual battery cells.


We regenerate any type of lead-acid battery and revive it back up to 95% of its original capacity through our technology.


We integrate our unique BMS service, and we enable you to access your battery parameters in real-time.
Track your battery performance and increase its lifespan by 3x.

Analyse. Optimise. Decarbonise

Meet The Expert Who Revived Up To 5000
Lead-Acid Batteries From Telangana To Ladakh

Our Team

After our success in India and Africa regenerating more than 11,000 batteries, we are bringing our service to Europe. From our base in the Netherlands, our dynamic and experienced team is tirelessly working on expanding our reach and helping more organisations save money, decarbonise and reduce their environmental impact by extending the life of their batteries.

Our dedicated, passionate and customer-centric team comprises experts in innovative battery technology, sustainability and circular economy.

Ananta Vangmai
Yogendra Kainthola
Fleur Engelberts
General Advisor
Dr Shirley Gallagher
Waste Electronics in the EU
Wendy Dubbeld
30+ years in Energy Distribution
Paul Smelthurst
Battery Expert
Joint Managing Director
Hillstone Products, UK

Powering a clean future through energy, innovation, and regeneration

Reduce CO2.
Save money.
Protect the planet.